Reaching Other Artists on Substack

Part 01 – Introduction

Part 02- Setting Up Your Substack Account

Part 03 – Tasks to Do Before Writing Your First Edition

Part 04 – How to Write and Publish the First Edition of Your Newsletter

Part 05 – How to Set Up and Publish a Podcast (Don’t skip this lesson!)

Part 06 – How to Start a Discussion Thread on Substack

Part 07 – How to Set Up Your Account to Get  PAID Subscribers to Your Newsletter

Part 08 – How to Publish a Private Newsletter

Part 09 – How to Import Your Existing Email List into Substack

Part 10 – Importing Your Posts from Other Places, Such as From Your Website

Part 11 – Importing Your Existing Podcasts from Other Podcast Hosting Sites

Part 12 – How to Raise or Lower the Subscription Price of Your Art Newsletter

Part 13 – How to Manually Enter a Person’s Email Address

Part 14 – Publishing Multiple Newsletters on Different Main Topics

Part 15 – Total Email List vs. Subscribers List

Part 16 – How to Export ALL your stuff from Substack

Part 17 – How to Get Your First 100 Subscribers on Substack