Substack Course for Creative People 11

Substack Course Video 11 – Importing Podcasts

You will learn:

  • How to find the URL of the RSS feed of your existing podcasts on other platforms
  • How to migrate those existing podcasts from another podcast hosting site to the Substack podcast hosting site



Now I want to show you how to import your existing podcast episodes.

Basically, if you already have a podcast, you’ve put it somewhere else. But now you want to use Substack (to host those podcasts). I want to show you how to do it really quick.

So come over to your Dashboard. Then go to Settings. Okay, and you want to scroll down until you get to your Podcasts section.

Once you get to your Podcast Settings, you want to scroll down until you come to Import an Existing Podcast RSS Feed. Alright, so this is very similar to importing posts; it’s done in the same way. If you already have a podcast, you can migrate it from your old podcast host to consolidate everything on Substack. And it only takes a few minutes.

So we just click on this button import existing podcast. Step one, paste in your current RSS Feed URL. You can find this in your Apple podcast dashboard, Just login, click on your podcast and copy the URL from the first line, not the smaller mirror URL below. Right.

Now, I know that not all of you might have Apple podcasts, you might not all be using that (platform). I just want you to know that no matter where you’re hosting your podcast, it’s going to be a little bit different for everyone. However, what you basically want to do is you want to figure out what the RSS Feed URL is for your podcast.

For example, I have a podcast that’s hosted on If I go over to my anchor account and log in, I come up here to settings, and I come up here to distribution, I will see my RSS feed right there. I can easily copy that. Come over here to Substack and paste it right there. I can Submit it, and boom. And here we go. My episodes will come up and I can import all episodes. And it’s as simple as that.