How to Create and Sell Your Own Digital Portfolio

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In the video below by Aurelius Tjin, he shows us how to use free tools to create and sell an ebook. For creative people of all kinds, this can be our online, digital portfolio!

You will first need pictures of your creative work, whether that’s paintings, dance, sculptures, acting scenes, or whatever. I recommend you don’t use free images you find online since this portfolio will be about your work, not someone else’s. (There may be exceptions to this rule, however. You decide what’s best for your portfolio.)

One certain exception is if you will create a portfolio of your writings. In this case, you will have articles, poems, short stories, or an entire fiction or non-fiction book. You can use the free images found on or to illustrate your ebook cover and inside the ebook as well.


Read through the steps I’ve outlined below to get an overview of the project to create and sell your portfolio. Then watch the video below to see clearly how each step is accomplished.

[1] The main free tool you will use to make your digital portfolio is a free account. Start by creating your free account, if

Finished Colorful Horse Portrait 01
Finished Colorful Horse Portrait 01

you don’t already have one.

[2] Then gather the images you want in your portfolio and upload them to

[3] Set up your portfolio size. (See Aurelius’ video minute 00:30)

[4] Make the portfolio cover. (See minute 1:15)

[5] Put in the Table of Contents, as Aurelius describes. (See minute 2:15)

[6] Then start adding your images. You can have a blank page to go with each of your images. Some people like to show the image first, then give an explanation afterward. Other people like to explain first, then show the image. (See minute 6:45)

[7] TIP: Be sure that you include how people can contact you if they want to buy some of your work. This could be in the introduction, the conclusion, or both. If you have a website, link to it. You want to give out your phone number or address, you are free to do so.

If you don’t have a website, but want to display your work on a website, contact me about getting a page on ( Put “skillful artists” in the subject line).

[8] If you want to, you can make your portfolio cover look 3 dimensional. This is optional but kinda nice if you are going to sell or display your ebook or portfolio around the internet.

TIPS: If you do decide you want a 3-D image of your portfolio cover, be sure to create and save at least the 3-D image with a transparent background. These look much better on a website page. You can also save a version with a colored background behind the book. Both versions can be useful. While you’re there, download various sizes of your new 3-D portfolio cover. (See Aurelius’ explanation at minute 8:30)

[9] Now save your portfolio in a PDF format.  (See minute 11:00)


[10] Optional: If you want to sell copies of your portfolio or if you now have a digital book of poems you can sell, go to (See Aurilius’ video minutes 11:30 – end of the video)

You can set up a forever free account on (