Wisdom from the Artist’s Roller Coaster

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Being a creative person makes life more enjoyable. We see the world a bit differently, noticing more of the details and colors that we encounter each day.

However, we tend to get overly wrapped up in our work and too attached to it. Have you ever thought about what your artist life would be like if you could take things – such as criticism – in a matter-of-fact way?

What if it didn’t matter one bit to you what people thought or said about your work? Some will love it and some will not. What if you could completely detach your emotions from other people’s opinions? What freedom that would be!

roller coaster

In the video below, Alpay Efe touches upon this subject. He talks (in his wonderfully soothing voice) about what he wishes he knew when he got started as a artist. Among those things is the torture of riding the artist’s emotional roller coaster and how it does nothing to help an artist improve his craft.

There’s a lot of wisdom in Alpay’s video. He says it better than I could so we’ll let him share his experience with us in his own words. In return, we will share his video here and give him more exposure for his YouTube channel.

In the comment section of this post, give your thoughts on how following Alpay’s advice can help us love our art journey more.