Q: What is the purpose of this website?

A: We are building an online community of artists who want to share their artwork with people who will encourage them to be themselves. We are not here to “critique” unless the artist expressly requests it. We are here to encourage one another to carry on the noble skill of being creative in a world that often lacks understanding about what makes a person want to create their own artwork in their own way.


Q: Can I get a page for my artwork on this website?

Yes. If you join the Skillful Artists Membership Group for $9.95 a month, you will get your own page to advertise your artwork. There are many other benefits to going the Group. See them here.


Q: Why don’t I have access to all the articles?

This site has a free section and a paid membership section. The Skillful Artists Membership Group costs $9.95 per month. This gives you access to all the resources on this site as well as many other benefits.


Q: If I join the Membership Group, who will see my credit card information?

The payment processor (Stripe.com) is the only company that sees your credit card information. We see the last for digits, your name and that you paid to join the group. To learn more, see our Terms of Service, which explains that we are not in the business of collecting personal information. We are here to share art and learn new skills that make us more creative people.


Please contact me through the contact form on the Contact Us Page if you are curious about anything else having to do with this site or any art-related issue.

Creatively yours,
-Elaine Foster
Colorado, USA

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