How to Have an Online Zoom Meeting with a Friend

Two Tutorials for Using Zoom with a Friend

Actually, if you have 99 friends, they can all join you for free zoom meetings.

The first part of this page has text and screenshots. The second part is a video that teaches you even more.

But first, here is a good video on the subject:


[1] If you do not have a free zoom account, go to and sign up:

[2] Download and install the zoom app onto your laptop or computer.

[3] If you do have an account, go to zoom and sign in:

Log in using the email and password that you created, or with Google(Gmail), Facebook, or Login with SSO.

[4] If you’re going to host the meeting, you need the zoom app installed on your computer. So go here and choose [Host a Meeting]: to get the app.

From the dropdown menu, choose [with video on].

[5] Once you have downloaded and installed the zoom app, open it and sign in.

[6] Choose [New Meeting]


[7] You should now see yourself with your computer’s camera.

How to Immediately Start a Zoom Meeting and Send an Invite on Your Computer

[1] Once you have clicked [New Meeting], click [Manage Participants] or [Participants] at the bottom of the live call.

[2] Click the small arrow next to Participants and choose [Invite Others] or [Invite]

[3] This will open a pop-up:

[4] You can send an invitation via email. Choose the [Email] tab in the pop up box and you are given the option of Default Email, Google or Yahoo:

[5] I was taken to my Yahoo Email account where I logged in.

I was then presented with an open email with the subject line (Please join Zoom meeting in progress) and link deposited there for me:

[6] I entered my friend Chip’s email address and he received the email from me with the link.

[7] He copied just the link portion of message into a browser on his computer.

Since Chip did not have the zoom app on his computer, zoom downloaded it for him.

When he clicked on the downloaded file, the app will install automatically on his computer.

[8] Once the install was complete, he clicked on [Launch Meeting]

[9] The program asks him for the passcode, which he found in the email I sent him. (Note: This is not his the password for his zoom account; it is the passcode that is associated with this meeting only.)

[10] A message came up, telling Chip to wait until the host “admits” him into the meeting.

[11] The host (Elaine) sees on her screen that Chip is waiting to be admitted to the meeting.

When the host admits Chip into the zoom meeting, there are boxes for both participants. In this screen shot below, Chip is just on audio because his computer monitor does not have a camera, so his box is black. Elaine has her camera covered so her box is gray. Otherwise you would see her face.


Now they can start their zoom meeting. Chip can see Elaine but Elaine can only hear Chip, until he decides to install a camera on his computer.

When they want to end the meeting, the hit the [End] buttons. The host has the option to [Leave the Meeting] or to [End the Meeting for All (Participants)]

Zoom Tutorial Video

This video is somewhat long but the instructor is clear and doesn’t rush:

Zoom Tutorial for Beginners: How to Use Zoom Video Conferencing