Substack Course for Creative People 14

Header for postsSubstack Course Video #14 – Creating Multiple Newsletters

You will learn:

  • How to create a second, third, fourth or any number of newsletters centered on different topics
  • How to switch back and forth between the different topic newsletters that you are publishing


So you know, one of the great things about Substack is, it’s a totally free platform and you can create as many newsletters (on different topics) as you want here.

Now, let’s say I want to create a whole new newsletter about something else. And they’re going to be about separate things. But they’re going to be under my same Substack account.

Like I told you before, you have one Substack account. And it’s kind of like this media Publishing Group. And you can have multiple newsletters in that account.

You can even have different people writing for those different newsletters. You might just be running several newsletters and you might not be writing any of them.

So how do you create multiple newsletters in your Substack account? Here we are on the dashboard of Truth about Bigfoot. I’m on the dashboard Truth about Bigfoot, and you see my URL is

Well, if I want to create a new newsletter, I need to go back to and I go into my dashboard. Instead of doing that, you see I’m logged in, but what I want to do come down here to Start Publishing I’m going to make this newsletter topic whatever. This is another (separate) publication. I’ll just call this one Easy Email for Newbies.  This is about “How to write the easy, make money, online emails that can work for anyone.”

Website URL, this is going to be EasyEmailforNewbies, and it’s basically the same exact process that I did last time. I can bring over a list from MailChimp or somewhere else if I want to. We’re just going to skip that here. And we see I’ve got it done. Now I’ve got a brand new newsletter.

And we see I’m on the easy email for newbies dashboard. And we can go through the whole process and set this new newsletter up just the way we want it.

But the question is, how do I get back to my other newsletter? How do I see both of the newsletters. Here is how you do it:

Come back to, the homepage for Substack. Then come up here to Fats Media Publishing; that’s the name of my my account. Now instead of going to dashboard, I want to go to Account Settings.

When I get to Account Settings, I’m going to see all of my publications right here. I have Easy Email for Newbies and I have Truth about Bigfoot. Now I can go to whichever dashboard I want. Boom. If I mess up an accidentally go to the wrong Dashboard, I can go back and go to the other dashboard, just like that.

Whenever I want to switch dashboards between my newsletter, all I have to do is go back to Click on Account Settings. And I will see a list of my publications. Pretty great! That’s it for this one and I’ll see you guys in the next video.