Substack Course for Creative People 15

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Substack Course Video #15 – Total Email List Vs. Subscribers List

You will learn:

  • The difference between the Total Email List and the Subscribers List



Okay, so here I am back on my newsletter Truth about Bigfoot. And one of the things that might be confusing to people on Substack is some of the lingo they use here.

One of the things here that’s kind of confusing is the difference between a subscriber list and an email list. What I want to show you now is what that means.

So come over here to your dashboard. Then come over here to subscribers. And what you’ll see is that you have a Total Email List. And then you have Total Subscribers List.

Now, what is the difference between an email list and a subscribers list? On Substack, it’s basically the email list is the people who are not paying. (ALL the email lists that you have on Substack.) Most of these may be your free subs.

The subscribers list, these are the people who actually pay you every month. So just be aware that the people who are signed up for free they are part of your email list. Once they become paid members, and they’re actually paying you every month. They are your subscribers. That’s the only difference. I hope that helps and I’ll see you in the next video.