How to See What Your Painting Will Look Like on a Variety of Walls

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There is an online program that allows you to upload your painting and see what it will look like on a wall.

There are several room scenes available for you to try.

By taking a screenshot of (or saving the result, you can let people see what your artwork will look like on a wall.

Example. Here is one of my abstract paintings:

Here is what it would look like on a wall:


The online program can be found at Choose the Tools menu item and then Your Photo on Wall. Or go here:

There are many wall scenes to choose from:

You can choose:

  • From a variety of wall scenes
  • The color of the wall
  • The frame you want around the image
  • The size of the canvas

At Pictorem, you can buy prints by uploading an image and ordering the type and size of print that you want. Pictorem can also convert your image into a jigsaw puzzle.

You can also upload a reference photo to see if you’ll like it once your paint it.

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