Substack Course for Creative People 13

Header for postsSubstack Course Video #13 – Adding Email Addresses Manually

You will learn:

  • Where to get email addresses that you can add manually.
  • Where you go in your Substack account to add those email address to grow your email list


Now I want to show you how to add subscribers manually to your Substack newsletter (email list).

When you first start a new newsletter on a platform like Substack, your first initial challenge is to get some people subscribed to your newsletter. Sometimes that can be difficult when you’re first getting started.

One of the best ways to do it is manual outreach. That means reaching out to people individually, letting them know about your new newsletter and asking them if you can sign them up to your newsletter. And what that essentially means is they give you their email personally and you come over here to your Substack account and enter their email manually.

The way you do that is very simple. Go to your Dashboard and then to the Subscribers section. Then click on the Add Subscribers button.

Then  you have two choices. You either import  free signups from CSV, which I showed you in an earlier video or you enter an individual’s email address manually.

You can easily add people, for instance, Separate them by commas.

“Success they’ve been imported.” And that’s how you add people’s email address manually to your Substack newsletter.