Substack Course for Creative People 06

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In This Substack Course Video You Will Learn:
  • How to start a Discussion Thread



The next thing I want to show you is how to create a discussion thread.

Discussion threads are a way to build community and also keep in touch with your subscribers. They’re a lot like posts, but there’s an emphasis on the comments and the engagement.

So the way to do that is to come over to your dashboard. And instead of New Post or New Episode, you’re going to click on [New Thread].

To me, the best way to engage with your subscribers and to encourage discussion is to propose good old-fashioned question, right? So I could type something like, “What are your thoughts on the subject of Bigfoot?”

“Now, I know that many of you believe in Bigfoot already, but I am really interested to know where you think the Sasquatch might be hiding .”

Once you have that the way you want it, you can click [Publish]. You’ll get these set of handy dandy options for your publishing, just like you do in a post (newsletter edition) and just like you do with a podcast.

You can choose schedule for later if you like. You choose to publish this to Substack or you can send it to all your subscribers. And then you go ahead and send everyone now.

After this is up and live, people will be able to comment, ask questions, answer questions right here. Interesting thing questions.

And that’s how you start a Discussion Thread on Substack.