Substack Course for Creative People 05

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Substack Video Lesson 05:

Don’t rule out doing podcasts if you have never done them before. They are simply audios of you talking about something that is art or craft related. And on Substack, they are VERY easy to create, publish and get out to your newsletter readers.

In order for people to listen to your podcasts regularly, they must get on your email list. As you know, this is the primary objective – build your email list so that you can keep in touch with these people.

Substack has an RSS feed service so your audio podcast will go out to loads of places where people can find it. Podcasting is on the rise. People download them to their phone and listen while going to work, standing in the checkout line at the grocery store or while just resting at home.

Somewhere in the podcast, you can tell people where they can see your artwork or crafts. Direct them to your website or social media home. The primary objective is to get them to see what you do or what you have for sale.

In This Quick Substack Video You Will Learn:
  • How to set up and create a podcast on Substack
Here are the steps as outlined on the Substack website:

[1]  Set up your podcast settings (1 time task as described in Kam’s video below)

[2] Start recording a podcast by clicking [New episode]. You can record directly into your computer’s microphone or upload an MP3 that you previously recorded.

[3] Add a headline (title) and whatever text you want to accompany the podcast.

[4] Then click [Publish].

Substack will send an email that includes a link to your podcast to all your free and/or paid subscribers. ALSO, your podcast will appear in each of the major podcast apps , including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, and Pocket Casts.



Okay, so I want to show you how to create and set up your podcasting for Substack.

The first thing you want to do is come over to your dashboard. Then choose   settings. Scroll down to [Podcast Settings]. Enable Podcast Beta, because this is in beta right now as I’m recording this, but it’s worked fantastically well for me.

Podcast title can be the Truth about Bigfoot Podcast. Let’s save that.

I want you to take note that you can add a podcast logo. It should be 3000 by 3000 pics. All right, very cool. Once you have some kind of a logo together, upload that. Keep in mind, you can always change your logo at a later point if you need to.

Now let’s go ahead and go back to the Posts Page. When we go to posts we see not just New Post and New Thread but we also see New Episode as well. Now you can come over here to New Episode. (This means a podcast episode) You can enter a title: Truth about Bigfoot Episode One.

Now I have an option here of uploading an mp3 episode. But I also have an option of just recording an episode right here . I’m going to allow (Substack) to use my microphone.

I’m going to hit record. “Hey guys, what is up this is just a sample episode for the truth about Bigfoot podcast. This is episode one and I hope you enjoy the show.”

(Kam plays back his test audio podcast): “Hey guys, what is up this is just a sample episode for the truth about Bigfoot podcast. This is episode one and I hope you enjoy the show.”

Now you can enter below any kind of description. This could be the transcription of the episode if you want to. This could be a short description about the episode. You could put links out to relevant information about the episode or basically anything you want. (Similar to the links you find below a YouTube video.)

Here in the description, you have the same group of controls that you had in the actual newsletter posts section. So pretty awesome.

This post title will become the name of the podcast episode on other directories.

Once you have it the way you want it, publish the episode. You’ll have those same options that you had in a normal newsletter post. You can change this to whichever way you want. And then go ahead and send out to everyone and your podcasts will then be available on the web.

Keep in mind, these exact same options will also give you a schedule for later, which means you can drip out podcast episodes in definitely as far into the future as you like.

And that’s how you set up a podcast on Substack. And that’s how you publish a podcast episode. Pretty awesome and I’ll see you in the next video.