Substack Course for Creative People 02


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If you decide to join Substack, let me know. We can sign up to each other’s list.

With Substack, you can position yourself to reach more people with whatever you create – paintings, crafts, sculptures, mixed media, whatever.

If you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact me.


Before we dive into Substack, there are three terms I want to familiarize you with to cut down on confusion with Substack:

First, Substack “Account.” This is like owning a media publishing group. You can publish multiple newsletters under one Substack account. It’s not out of the question to have a newsletter about weight loss and another about finances under the same Substack account.

Second is “Newsletter.” This is a simple report (aka email) published regularly. It contains news concerning activities of a business or an organization that is sent to its members, customers, employees, or other subscribers. (Or it is to tell people about your artwork, art journey, supplies you use, struggles you have, victories you experience, what’s for sale and what just sold, etc.)

Newsletters generally contain one main topic of interest to its recipients (such as painting or crafting).

Third is a “Newsletter Post.” This is an individual issue of the newsletter on Substack. This will go out as an email, but it is also is published on Substack itself to take advantage of the organic traffic (allowing other Substackers to see your post and choose if they want to read it).

You can choose whether individual posts are sent to your email list AND published on Substack or just sent to your email list alone. Also, you can choose whether  individual posts are for paying subscribers or just sent out for free. Pretty exciting stuff.

The first step is to actually create a Substack account. So go over to and click [Get Started].

You can connect your Twitter account if you like. Or you can skip this step.

I’m going to enter my email address, accept the publisher agreement, and click [Continue].

Next, we’re going to add a photo. This can be a picture of you or a logo for your media Publishing Group. It can be whatever you want. I’m going to add a simple picture of me.

When you publish your name, you can put your name or you can put the name of your media Publishing Group, whatever you want. Keep in mind if you’re going to do multiple newsletters under the same account, it might be good not to call this the name of your newsletter. You want to give it either your name or a generic name that can be used for multiple newsletters.

And then your bio; you want a simple bio about your profile. This is something that you can edit in the future. So the next step in this process is to create the actual newsletter.

As you can see, Substack  automatically tries to name my publication. Basically it names it after my account name . Now, that’s probably not what you want to do. You probably want to give your newsletter its own unique name. We’re going to save that for the next video. We’re going to end this one here.