Substack Course for Creative People 09

Header for postsSubstack Course Video About Importing an Existing Email List

You will learn:

  • How to get the list of email addresses from your other list service to import into Substack
  • How to import that list into the Substack list feature


Next thing I want to show you is how to import an email list if you have an existing list. This is where I want to show you how to import that list of emails into your Substack newsletter.

The first thing you want to go to your dashboard. Click on settings and scroll down here to import your email list. You’ll see something that says import CSV. Or you’ll see something that says important individual email.

You can import individual emails manually one by one separated by commas if you like. If you just have five or 10 to enter, maybe that’s the best way to go. But if you have hundreds and hundreds or thousands of email addresses that you need to enter, then CSV is the way to go.

So how do you get your CSV? Well, most platforms, most autoresponder platforms will allow you to download your list of emails. You just go over to your platform (such as MailChimp). Go to the list section. You’ll see something that says export active lists. From there you can download them (into a CSV format spreadsheet).

Go back to Substack were it says you can import your list. Browse for your file and choose it. Confirm that you have the consent from these email addresses to distribute your newsletter to them. Click on OK.

And just as easy as that I imported successful 67 new emails added. And then very quickly, you’ll have the subscribers there. If you go over to subscribers, you’ll see that 67 have been added. You can scroll down and you can see the individual emails right there have all been added. Very, very cool. And that’s how you do it.