Draw This Neurographic Mountains Scene with Me

Hello, fellow art lovers,

Today we’re going to draw neurographic mountains scene together.

I hope you’ll draw this along with me. I’ll walk you through each step. This drawing is very relaxing so jump in a enjoy!

For today’s project, all you need is a permanent black marker, like a Sharpie marker, a piece of thick paper, like watercolor or mixed media paper, and some watercolor paints. If you don’t have a permanent marker or watercolor paints, you can use colored markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

So, if you don’t yet have your paper and something to draw in your black lines with, gather them up.

Draw Neurographic Mountains

In neurographic art, a person draws random curvy lines that intersect each other. Start at one side of the page and end the line on a different side of the page. You can draw in as many – or as few – lines as you want to.

If you would rather watch the instructions on video than read them in this post, click on this image to watch the video:

Draw Neurographic Mountains


Your lines DO NOT have to look like mine. Draw your lines in any way you want to.

Neurographic mountains


Next, we’ll draw in our mountain scene – right over the lines we’ve already drawn. Again, your mountains do not have to look like mine. Make them the way you want them to look.

Three mountains – one up front and two further back in the distance. Also, draw a line near the bottom to indicate a field at the foot of the mountains.


Now let’s draw in some clouds right over the neurographic lines you’ve already drawn.


Next, we’ll thicken up our neurographic intersections. Every place that lines intersect, round them off.
This type of drawing is called neurographic drawing because it reminds us of neurons in the brain.
This can be a very calming drawing exercise. So take your time and enjoy the process.


Next, we’ll add color. I’m going to use this little Winsor & Newton watercolor paint set. It’s minimal for us who like to take it with us when going outside to paint. I paid about only $15 for it. I’ll leave a link to it here in case you want to get yourself a small, good-quality watercolor set for painting on the go.

Drawing neurogenic mountains


But for our easy drawing lesson today, you can use any watercolor set you have. Or like I said before, you can add color to your drawing with colored markers, colored pencils, or crayons.

I love blue and green so I’m going to make the sky blue and the main mountain green. I’m going to take the field in front of a lighter green because it’s catching the light from the sky. The 2 mountains that are further back behind my main one will be yellowy-green because mountains that are in the distance tend to appear lighter because of all the atmosphere between us and them when we’re looking at them from a distance.

You, however, can use any colors you want. You can make the sky blue and pink and the mountain purple and brown, or whatever. It’s entirely up to you.

First I’ll paint in the sky. I’m going to make some areas darker than others to add interest. I’m going to put just a hint of color in the clouds, but I could just leave them white if I wanted to.
Now paint in your sky.

Drawing Neurographic mountains


Now it’s time to paint the mountains and the field in front of them with various shades of green. I’ll make my main mountain darker than the 2 mountains that are in the distance. I’ll add yellow to them. If you make anything too dark, don’t worry. I’m going to show you an art trick you can use to lighten up areas of a watercolor drawing – even after the paint has dried!

Drawing Neurographic mountains


Here is the watercolor trick I promised you. If you made your color too dark anyplace in your drawing, just dip your brush in clean water and scrub some of the watercolor off. Then lift the color with a Kleenex. This works best if you use watercolor paper but it can work on some other types of paper, too.

Pretty cool, huh? I love giving away these types of art tips. If you like getting them, be sure to subscribe to this channel because I’m giving out lots more art tips – for free!

Draw Neurographic mountains


Don’t worry if your drawing is warped or buckled. I have a surefire way to flatten watercolor paintings. There is a video on my YouTube channel about How to Flatten a Watercolor Painting. Follow the simple technique in this video and your draw neurographic mountains painting will be flat:

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I also suggest you frame your drawing, I’ll put my signature in the corner. You should sign yours, too, – it’s your drawing and uniquely yours.

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Until next time dear art lovers, keep drawing and join me in my next easy drawing lesson.