Members Can Submit Artwork to be Posted on This Website

Header for postsMembers of the Skillful Artists Group can submit artwork to be posted on this website. Members get their own page to showcase their artwork and their bio.

You can include your contact information and any descriptions you would like.

Here are some examples:

Cardinal for Gloria
Cardinal for Gloria, 11″ x 16″

This is a photo of a 16 x 20 that I sold at a gift shop in my home town. I am currently working on a variation of this painting that will go on sale in that gift shop soon.


This is a 24 x 36 abstract I have hanging in my living room. I completed this painting while I was recovering from a foot injury.


I sold this 16 20 painting to someone who loves the bright yellows. The painting looks brighter in person than online.


This horse painting is hanging in my bedroom.


This 24 x 36 painting of a mountain climber is currently for sale in a gift shop.

This page is just a sample of what your member page could look like. If you become a member, take good pictures and submit up to 3 images each month with the text you want to accompany the images.

If you are not ready to show your work to the public, you can request that your work be shown only to members of the Skillful Artists Membership Group. Your page could go public whenever you are ready.

You can include prices as long as you also include contact information where people can reach you to discuss buying your artwork.

To learn about the other benefits that members receive, read this post: Benefits of Joining the Skillful Artists Membership Club.

If you have questions, contact me using the form on this Contact Us page.